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Volvo Fuel Line Quick Disconnect

This is an excellent Fuel Line for quick disconnects, it is produced of durable black 516 8 mm material and provides a release disconnect for each leg. It makes it uncomplicated to remove the Line when you are done with your sale.

Volvo Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Ebay

This is a quick disconnect for the Volvo Fuel line, it attaches to the Line connecting the engine and car. The quick disconnect prevents the Volvo Fuel Line from slipping and from becoming tangled in the system, it is manufactured of heavy-gauge wire and provides for "petro" on the side. It is fast-ó-detonation-ested with a pyromagnetic alloy center, made of lead and nickel-based alloy, this product is a quick disconnect tool that disconnects the Fuel Line from the car. It is manufactured of chrome metal and is a quick release tool, it can remove the Fuel Line from the car quickly and easily. This Volvo Fuel Line quick disconnect is for the car, it is produced of plastic and presents a stainless steel frame. It is produced to be sturdy and protect the Line and the car, the quick disconnect is attached to the frame with a quick release. The quick release is attached to the plastic with a screws, the quick disconnect is removed with a sharp knife and the Line is replaced.