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Quick Disconnect Shower Hose

This is a fantastic substitute for a broken or missing Shower hose, it is produced of durable plastic and imparts a regular faucet handle, making it uncomplicated to take with you. It is further facile to set up and is fantastic for indoor faucets.

Cheap Quick Disconnect Shower Hose

This product is a quick disconnect Shower Hose that is used to connect the faucet to the shower, it is conjointly for indoor use and is available in a variety of colors. This quick disconnect Shower Hose is for faucets that require a fresh wash or water discovery, it is furthermore unrivaled for people who wish to quickly and easily literature research a water situation. It is moreover for use when cleaning up natural water spills, this Hose is approximately 24 inches long and is equipped with a quick disconnect system that allows you to quickly disconnect your Shower from the electricity.