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Harley Fuel Crossover Quick Disconnect

The Harley Fuel Crossover quick disconnect is excellent for removing Fuel drains from cars and motorcycles, it is fabricated from durable plastic and metal with a water-repellent coating, making it a permanent part of the product. The quick disconnect can be attached to a key ring or worn as a symbol of identity.

Harley Fuel Crossover Quick Disconnect Amazon

The Harley Fuel Crossover quick disconnect is a top-rated tool for removing Fuel lines and from your motorcycle, it is in like manner best-in-class for and bill of materials from your motorcycle. The are made with a quick disconnect system in mind, so you can easily remove all the Fuel from your bike, this quick disconnect can be used from the side or end of the bike, this is a quick disconnect Fuel Crossover for Harley davidson Fuel tanks. It can be used to remove the Fuel from the bike quickly and easily, the quick disconnect allows the Fuel to be drained from the bike easily and quickly. It stores and accesses Fuel shut-off lines with a simple push of a button, the quick disconnect Fuel Crossover is in like manner posi- uninsured and an essential part of a Harley davidson drag racing team. It allows you to disconnect the Fuel nsu systems from your motorcycle, this quick disconnect will help reduce the time spent attached to the Fuel system and is top-quality for individuals who ache to get their bike's Fuel system off to a good start.