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Fuel Filter Quick Disconnect Tool

Fuel Filter quick disconnect tool, keeper Filter off with tool. Add any other needed items if necessary, keep Filter off with tool.

Quick Disconnect Fuel Filter

This quick disconnect Fuel Filter Tool is for the lt1 ls1 ls2 ls3 ls7 vehicle, it is a very straightforward to operate and use it quickly Tool that can quickly and easily remove any Fuel from your vehicle. The quick disconnect Tool for Fuel rails and filters is designed to help remove any debris or pieces of material that are becoming an issue due to continued use of the Fuel filter, the Tool is manufactured from heavy-grip plastic and metal to make removal a breeze. Additionally, it imparts a sturdy design with a post-pump design ensures even and smooth action, this Fuel Filter quick disconnect Tool is designed to remove a Fuel rail line and its corresponding Filter quickly and easily. It is conjointly comfortable to operate with a rubberized base to avoid hand-searching, it is a promptly disconnect Tool that remove the Fuel rail line and Filter from your vehicle. This Tool also includes an ease of use guide.