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Cpc Fuel Line Quick Disconnect

This is an 4-in-1 kit that allows the user to release the coupling to both a gas tank and a motorcycle Fuel line, achieving a faster and more reliable disconnection from the system, the kit also includes an 516 gas tank Fuel Line hose kit.

Cpc Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Ebay

The v is a quick release coupling that helps to remove the clamps from the Fuel line, it provides an 90-degree shape and it is attached by a plastic clip. The quick disconnects for the 38 gas tank Fuel Line are set up so that they can be easily pulled off of the hose when the Line is pulled, the hoses are also well-gressive and have a rubber hasp for basic removal when the Line is pulled. The quick disconnects are also metal construction and so are quite durable, this is a quick disconnect for the Cpc Fuel line. It is manufactured of metal and it is quick release, you can use it to remove the hose from the colder 14 90 gas Fuel line. The Cpc colder 38 90 male gas Fuel Line hose quick release disconnect coupling is for use with the colder 38 90 male gas Fuel line, it is produced of durable materials that will never warn you of a danger. It is a top product for when you need to quickly disconnect a Fuel line, but you don't want to go through the trouble of remove-and-replace, the connector is an electrical one, so it's straightforward to adopt and store.