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Barrow Quick Disconnect

The Barrow quick disconnects your phone from your left side to prevent phone music and video blotches on your desk.

G1/4 Quick Disconnect

The Barrow quick disconnect male and female set is black and silver, it is sterling for removing cords and wires from devices that need to be pictured in low light or with inverse camera. The Barrow quick disconnect is a best-in-class set of male and female disconnects that makes it effortless to remove power from your device, the quick disconnects require no installation or remove part, and can be used for remove memory, disk space, or data. This Barrow quick disconnect is an excellent choice to keep your harness and equipment clean and organized, the black finish makes it look peerless and keep youraide-desk searching good. The male and female disconnects are uncomplicated to adopt and to do their job well, overall, Barrow g1/4" quick disconnect is an unrivaled product for keeping your equipment clean and organized. This quick disconnect is a best-in-class surrogate to keep your Barrow running smoothly and safely, it is fabricated of durable materials and it quickly separates your Barrow engines.